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Digital Signage

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Along with the trend towards online shopping, digital media grew to massive quantities, and many wonder: how is my product supposed to stand out amongst the crowd?  Merchandises that sell themselves using digital billboards, rotating banner ads, and declarations of service content have become developmental trends for all kinds of devices featuring a touch interface.

Research data shows that worldwide sales of digital billboards are expected to reach 1.996 million in 2012, going up to possibly 3.52 million by 2015. (Data source: DIGITIMES)

Competitive Edge

  • Delivers the message
  • Increases sales
  • Protects the environmental
  • Cost effective
  • Brings good results

Four Major Trends

  • Support for 1080p Full HD, Flash, and the HTML5 standard.
  • Interactive functionality
  • Up to the moment dynamic information
  • Effectiveness analysis helps in the making of marketing plans

Suitable Products