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Intelligent Automation
  • Physical Security (BPC30)

  • Mobile Surveillance (BPC95)

Continuously providing a high degree of defense for the environment

With the rapid development of the smart home, intelligent products have begun to affect our lives. Protective measures can be seen on the school campus and in key infrastructure facilities. As far as users are concerned, reliably connected and multifunctional terminal equipment is necessary to achieve the objective of intelligent control while maintaining a balance between security and practicality. The high performance EBN terminal will become the indispensable integrator of intelligent control systems.    

Specialized Application in Smart Transportation

Smart surveillance of moving vehicles

Whether we wish to protect drivers, passengers, goods, or vehicles, proven mobile surveillance solutions are mandatory. They are developed to withstand tough, mobile conditions and make surveillance easy to provide for the following:

  1. Public transport fleets – buses, trains, trams, etc.
  2. Emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks
  3. Trucks, delivery vans and other vehicles used to transport valuable packages and goods
  4. Cash in transit (CIT) vehicles

EBN produces reliable and high availability hardware platforms for these applications.